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The Beta Switch Review – Fat Loss for Women


You probably heard that it is harder for women to get rid of body fat than men. Woman‘s body has to be always ready for future pregnancies and accumulate the best source of energy – fat. Studies have shown that women with a body fat mass of 15-20% are in healthy zone and are not harming their selves. However, everything more is unnecessary and increases the risk of the obesity-related diseases whose list includes even cancer.

Every day on the Internet and on TV we see a variety of advertisements which highlight rapid effect weight-loss products. Our advice is to keep away from them. Pills and fad diets, despite the variety of side effects, at best will bring you to the same place where you started. If you really want to start burning fat and fit into the 15-20% zone, only the balanced diet and regular physical activity could help you. So, in order to achieve this result it is necessary to follow a fat loss program of that style.

Have you ever heard about fat loss program The Beta Switch? If not, we recommend you to read our The Beta Switch review.

What exactly is The Beta Switch program?

The Beta Switch is a fat loss program designed specifically for women depending on their needs and hormonal system. This balanced diet and workout program targets stubborn fat which is located in the most problematic areas of the woman‘s body – thighs, buttocks and belly.

Adrenoreceptors regulate fat metabolism of our bodies. They are two types: alpha (receptors that prevent fat for being used as an energy) and beta (receptors that let fat to be consumed as an energy). Unfortunately, because of women‘s nature, they have 9 times more alpha receptors than men.

The main principle of this program, which helps to successfully get rid of stubborn fat is the activation of beta receptors. Increasing the number of beta receptors in fat cells will help your body to release more fat into your blood and use them as the main source of energy.That is why this program is called The Beta Switch.

Sue Heintze is an Australian body transformation expert and an author of The Beta Switch program. Inspired by her successful personal experience of getting rid of stubborn fat, she decided to share her effective fat loss method with other women.

What is included in the program?

After purchasing the product you will get instant access to The Beta Switch program. Notice that this is a digital product – so, there is no physical copy. However, this is not a problem because everything can be printed.

The Beta Switch Main Manual – as the title says, this is the core of all The Beta Switch program. It is a 117 pages long e-book in PDF format which is available to read using your browser or Adobe Acrobat Reader. Here you will find a lot of theory about beta receptors activation. This part also reveals hormones that have a significant impact on the activity of beta receptors. Sue wrote a complete list of foods and ready-to-follow diet plans that will help you to regulate these hormones balance. What is more the main manual also contains many healthy recipes with pictures and other valuable tips.

The Beta Switch Workout Manual – Sue Heintze claims that workout is optional. However, she also says that in order to achieve better results it is recommended to follow this part. We fully agree with that. Yes, you will get results by only following the balanced diet provided in the main manual but at much slower pace. While, engaging in physical activity will speed up your metabolism and lead to faster fat loss. Furthermore, it will not be difficult to exercise. Sue added done-for-you workout programs and HD videos which show how to perform each exercise correctly. Unfortunately, many exercises can not be done at home because they require special gym equipment. We believe that if you really want faster results then the requirement to visit the gym will not stop you.

The Beta Switch Diet Tracker – simply put, this part will help you to not deviate from your diet. This is really useful.

Lifetime Membership to Tight & Toned Club – you will also get a lifetime membership in the special Tight & Toned club. Here you will be able to share your progress, healthy recipes, communicate, ask questions to other women who use the The beta Switch program and even get direct advice from Sue Heintze! In short, this club will help you to stay motivated and reach your fat loss goal.

Will this program work for me?

We can not guarantee that you will be able to achieve the same results as other women who use The Beta Switch program. Each person’s body is different and the outcome is determined by your attitude and many other factors. However, by following this program carefully you will certainly be able to achieve at least minimal results. It is important to try knowing that The Beta Switch costs less than a good dinner at the restaurant.

What makes this program unique?

Informativeness – we were surprised, of course, in a good way of how detailed Sue explained and presented all the information. It was easy and at the same time interesting to follow all the manuals. By the way, Sue provided every scientific resource that was used to create The Beta Switch program. We can safely say that this program is trustworthy.

Compatibility – as we already mentioned, The Beta Switch program is available in digital format only. However, we believe that this is not a problem because all the guides can be printed and carried anywhere. Moreover, if you can not print the program or you have no access to the computer, you can still follow The Beta Switch program from your smartphone or tablet-PC.

Consistency – Sue‘s pre-prepared diet and exercise plans will allow you to move towards your goal every day.

Efficiency – by visiting Tight & Toned club we have seen a number of women sharing their results each day. Some of them managed to achieve higher results while others – lower. Like we said before, every body is different. However, we are confident to say that The Beta Switch program is effective and really works.

Guarantee – The Beta Switch program provides 60 day money back guarantee. If you will not be satisfied with the results (by the way, very doubt that), Sue will refund you money without any questions asked. There is nothing to lose.

Support – when we sent a question to Sue Heintze we got a very quick and detailed answer. We assume that she really cares about her customers and wants to provide the best support possible.


If you are looking for a long-term, effective and natural way to get rid of stubborn fat then The Beta Switch program is just for you.

the beta switch orderWe hope you enjoyed our The Beta Switch review. We wish you success in achieving your goal!


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